Beam Drop Earrings

Beam Drop Earrings

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Born from the light of the moon.

In ancient times, moonstones were believed to be rays of moonlight in solid form. The gems carry with them a rich history of mythology and mysticism. They’ve been tied to the ocean’s tides, the moon’s phases, and gods and goddesses continents apart.

The exceptionally translucent, vivid moonstones we use have become exceedingly rare. They begin like drops of water, clear and placid, then suffuse with a lucid blue when struck with directional light.

A drop of moonlight tucked below your ear.These are a simple, precious earring for everyday.

Insider tip: Once on, gently pinch the hoop closed to secure them on your ear.

Moonstone, 14k yellow gold.

Moonstones measures 4mm.