EIR Sanitizer
EIR Sanitizer

EIR Sanitizer

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Mother Earth’s sanitizer for hands and surfaces. While 65.7% alcohol ensures an uber clean, calendula infused olive oil works to soften and soothe your skin with each application. An aromatic tryst of amber and tobacco combine for a sultry delight. Each spritz is intoxicating and wears like a dream. Pure Eir helps to protect against the elements, while our signature fragrances leave gorgeous scents we know you will love. A faithful companion for those times when soap and water are not nearby.

  • Florica - a nostalgic bouquet of botanical classics
  • Amber - a sultry tryst of amber, leather and tobacco
  • Boreal - a walk in the forest alive with fir and cypress
  • Citron - a tangy, juicy burst of sun-kissed nectar
2 oz