Made by Yoke Balancing Perfume Oil
Made by Yoke Balancing Perfume Oil

Made by Yoke Balancing Perfume Oil

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Windswept vata dosha is an energetic dreamer who benefits from the balance of sturdier roots to become focused, grounded, and serene.

Rasa is the taste of life, the essence of joy, the most refined intersection of matter and energy perfectly aligned.

Driven pitta dosha possesses an abundant intensity and inner fire that benefits from cooling elements to generate waves of calm.

Thoughtful and calm kapha dosha is a deep pool of stability who benefits from invigorating elements that awaken and spark movement.

Nomad is for the risk taker, and the adventurer, unafraid of roaming the globe -- following intuition -- wherever it may lead.

Sandal/Rose Body Oil is a deeply replenishing bend to hydrate and rejuvenate skin. This perfume oil uses the same aromatherapy blend as the popular body oil.

Sandalwood is used widely throughout Ayurveda medicine for its regenerating, sedative, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. It is used in skin care treatments to calm, rejuvenate and relax rashes, scars tissue, eczema and acne. Suitable for all, this deeply hydrating essential oil will radiate and illuminate the skin.

*Essential Oil Blend

15 ml