Rest Well Bitters
Rest Well Bitters
Rest Well Bitters

Roots & Crowns

Rest Well Bitters


We live in a very stimulating time. But stress & thoughts have no business taking our precious time to rest. "All work is half rest," and that is the key to maintaining our well-being.


Passionflower: mildly sedative properties, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, relaxing nervine that relieves cerebral irritation

Chamomile: restorative tonic for the nervous system, mild sedative for nervousness & nightmares

Catnip: nervine, especially good with children and for folks who suffer from insomnia

Milky Oats: alleviates both physical and emotional fatigue, supports a deeply refreshing sleep

Oatstraw: nourishing and nurturing, especially for the nervous system, good for alleviating stress

Valerian: a lovely sedative herb that helps us fall asleep

California Poppy: alleviates tension and facilitates both going to sleep, and remaining asleep so as to wake up refreshed, calm, and happy

All herbs and ingredients are organic.

This is delicious elixir to add to tea, to a spirit of your choice to make a cocktail, or straight up. It includes herbs that enhance our creative and sexual centers so that anxiety is released, and presence, exhilaration, and connection become more passionate and playful.

2 oz. bottle 

A small amount of alcohol is used as a preservative.

About Roots & Crowns: Max Turk found tremendous inspiration in the vast healing capabilities of plants that she encountered through her own travels and life experiences. After becoming a certified herbalist, she began creating herbal remedies such as cocktail bitters, salves, and other skin-care products. She uses all locally/ethically sourced ingredients, even harvesting many herbs herself and taking advantage of what the Pacific Northwest landscape has to offer.