The Friendship Game
The Friendship Game
The Friendship Game

The Friendship Game

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A Game to Get the Best Out of Friendship

Friends are at the heart of a good life – and what we want when we get together with them is an opportunity to share what is really going on inside us as well as the chance to hear about what has touched, moved or preoccupied them.

This is a game designed to get the very best out of our friendships. Played on a board with a dice and cards, it invites us to ask one another a series of kind but searching questions about our lives. The more honestly and clearly we answer, the faster we advance around the board. The winner of the game is the person who has best demonstrated that bedrock of true friendship: the capacity for sincere, kindly self-disclosure. The game is guaranteed to bring out new facets of our friends and will allow for a series of fascinating moments of revelation and mutual discovery.

The cards cover four categories:

  • Love
  • Work
  • Self
  • Family

Questions cover topics such as:

  • Have you ever been secretly a bit attracted to someone you probably shouldn’t have been? (Light)
  • Have you ever acted on this attraction? (Heavy)
  • Do you have a strong sense of right and wrong? (Light)
  • Have you ever violated your own moral code? (Heavy)
  • Have you ever complained about a colleague’s behavior? (Light)
  • Has anyone complained about your own behavior in the workplace? (Heavy)

Contains Game Board, 4 Sets of 24 Cards, 6 Wooden Counters, 1 Wooden Dice | 197 x 197 x 35mm | Instructions included | 3 - 6 Players | Suitable for 15 years +